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Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Research Article Assessment of genetic variability in lowland sub1 introgressed rice genotypes showing tolerance to submergence and stagnant flooding. SSR based genetic diversity in blast resistant and susceptible accessions of finger millet Eleusine coracana. Studies on genetic variability and screening for fibre yield components and biotic stress factors in tossa jute Corchorus olitorius L.

Roy, M. Chakraborty, L. Hijam, H. Mondal, D. Surje, A. Roy, R. Mondal, S. Pal, A. Kundu, S. Das, P. Sarkar, S. Kheroar, G. Chakraborty and S.

Association analysis in the interspecific derivatives of Vigna mungo x Vigna mungo var. Sowmyasree, N. Manivannan S. Lakshmi Narayanan V. Prasad and S.ISSN: Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Screening bacterial strains for production of maltooligosyl trehalose trehalohydrolase and maltooligosyl trehalose synthase. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 255— Composting of cow manure and rice straw with cow urine and its influence on compost quality.

Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 261— Effect of fertilizer on lead Pb accumulation ability of Polygonum hydropiper L. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 267— Place-based education: outdoor and environmental education approaches. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 273— Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 277— Design and creation of control board for drying equipment based on development of a soft self-tuning PID controller. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 286— Gender role in mangrove resource management: case study in Trieu Phong district of Quang Tri province, Vietnam.

Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 292— Isolation and selection of probiotic bacteria capable of forming biofilm for fermenting soybean meal. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 299— Growth of duckweed upon exposure to aluminum and atrazine in the laboratory conditions. Journal of Vietnamese Environment, 9 2— Optimization production conditions of photosynthetic purple bacteria biomass at pilot scale to remove sulphide from aquaculture pond.

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DOI: Turning fish soup back into fish: The wicked problem of African Community land rights. Sustainable development laws in Ethiopia: Opportunities and challenges of their implementation. Environmental rights in Ethiopia: Shifting from theory to practical realization. Managing contingent liabilities arising from public private partnership projects.

Addressing the energy consumption-economic growth nexus: The Nigerian case.

International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

The treasury single account and the search for effective revenue management in Nigeria's oil and gas sector. Oil production and host community relations in Nigeria: The limits of the Utilitarian approach. The Nigerian oil and gas local content regime and its non compliance with the trims agreement. Advancing electronic voting systems in Nigeria's electoral process: legal challenges and future directions. Stay of proceedings pending arbitartion: protecting the interests of third-parties to arbitartion in Nigeria.

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Vol 9, No 2 (2018)

This article is devoted to assessing the productivity of grass communities in the Malaya Sosva River floodplain Reserve "Malaya Sosva".

The three-year studies at six sample plots SP were conducted. The main goal was to evaluate the productivity and its relationship with hydrological and meteorological factors. The method of N. Khramtsova was used [], which allows to avoiding disturbance of vegetation on the SP, as well as performing statistical data processing. The obtained results reflected the close relationship of productivity with soil moisture, connecting to the position in the relief — aboveground biomass increases to the Malaya Sosva River.

At the same time, the increase in biomass has a weak relationship with meteorological factors temperature and precipitationdespite the weather contrasting seasons. The grass communities show relative stability by significant fluctuations in hydrological and weather conditions in different years.

There is an inverse correlation between productivity and biodiversity. A similar trend was observed for the flood plain of the Ob River.

Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change

But there is a significant range of values in the Ob River floodplain due to the extended flooding. The collected climate data include daily average, maximum and minimum temperatures, daily precipitation amount and intensity, and number of days with precipitation of 0. Trends were calculated using linear least squares regression. Statistical significance was determined by calculating the standard error of the trend estimate. We found that the annual mean temperature has increased from —1.

May, June, August and October nights have become successively warmer. The air temperature increase was not accompanied by a corresponding increase in precipitation. Statistically significant trends toward earlier onset of spring and summer from to were observed.

The date of the last spring freeze has been advancing by 6.Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer.

Published: Original Articles. Effect of health education intervention conducted by Primary Health Care workers on oral health knowledge and practices of nursing mothers in Lagos State. Impact of universal childhood vaccination against hepatitis B in Ghana: A pilot study. Oheneba C. The health-related impacts and costs of violence against women and girls on survivors, households and communities in Ghana.

Gina Alvarado, Ama P. Fenny, Samuel Dakey, Jennifer L. Gender and socio-demographic distribution of body mass index: The nutrition transition in an adult Angolan community. Can religion kill? The association between membership of the Apostolic faith and child mortality in Zimbabwe. Factors associated with early sexual intercourse among teenagers and young adults in rural south of Benin. Evaluation of oral hygiene services in selected public health facilities in Lusaka district of Zambia.

Didier K. Ekouevi, Patrick A. Coffie, Boris K. Community awareness of stroke, hypertension and modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Nkonya-Wurupong, Ghana. Head trauma: A significant public health concern among young men in Botswana. Etiology referral patterns and opportunities for interventions.

Cholo Juanito y Richard Douglas - La Gran Estafa (Vol. 9)

Most read last month Socioeconomic factors associated with anaemia among children aged 6—59 months in Namibia. Is exclusive breastfeeding an option or a necessity in Africa? A pooled study using the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique. Journal of Public Health in Africa.Total synthesis of derivatives has now led to a molecule with very significant activity against resistant strains.

Late-stage oxidation using liver microsomes was applied to phosphodiesterase 2 inhibitor 1 to reduce its clearance by cytochrome P enzymes, introduce renal clearance, and minimize the risk for victim drug—drug interactions. This approach yielded PF 2 with improved physicochemical properties and a mixed metabolic profile.

This example highlights the importance of C—H diversification methods to drug discovery. Herein, we describe the synthesis and structure—activity relationships of cyclic peptides designed to target heat shock protein 90 Hsp Generating 19 compounds and evaluating their binding affinity reveals that increasing electrostatic interactions allows the compounds to bind more effectively with Hsp90 compared to the lead structure.

Exchanging specific residues for lysine improves binding affinity for Hsp90, indicating some residues are not critical for interacting with the target, whereas others are essential.

Replacing l- for d-amino acids produced compounds with decreased binding affinity compared to the parent structure, confirming the importance of conformation and identifying key residues most important for binding. Thus, a specific conformation and electrostatic interactions are required in order for these inhibitors to bind to Hsp Farnesoid X receptor FXR plays a major role in the control of cholesterol metabolism.

Antagonizing transcriptional activity of FXR is an effective means to treat the relevant metabolic syndrome. Some of antagonists so far have the charged functions; however, they may negatively affect the pharmacokinetics. We describe herein a structure—activity relationship SAR exploration of nonacidic FXR antagonist 6 focusing on two regions in the structure and biological evaluation of nonacidic 10 with the characteristic N-acylated piperidine group obtained from SAR studies.

As the robust affinity to FXR is feasible with our nonacidic analogue, 10 is among the most promising candidates for in vivo testing. N-Leucinyl benzenesulfonamides have been discovered as a novel class of potent inhibitors of E. The binding of inhibitors to the enzyme was measured by using isothermal titration calorimetry.

vol 9, no 2 (2018)

This provided information on enthalpy and entropy contributions to binding, which, together with docking studies, were used for structure—activity relationship analysis.

Enzymatic assays revealed that N-leucinyl benzenesulfonamides display remarkable selectivity for E. In this investigation, the TIQ15 side-chain was constrained to improve its drug properties. The improved CXCR4 antagonist 15a has potential therapeutic application as a single agent or combinatory anticancer therapy. Extensive structure—activity relationship study led to a lead compound 14h, which exhibited excellent in vitro potency with an EC50 value of 0.

In a mouse challenge model of RVS infection, 14h demonstrated superior efficacy with a 3. A novel series of benzofuran derived EZH2 inhibitors were discovered through a scaffold hopping approach based on the clinical compound of EPZ Further rational structure—activity relationship exploration and optimization led to the discovery of more potent EZH2 inhibitors with oral bioavailability in mice and rats.

A lead compound EBI compound 34 demonstrated excellent in vivo efficacy in Pfeiffer tumor Xenograft models in mouse and is under preclinical development for the treatment of cancers associated with EZH2 mutations. Acyl-CoA:diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 DGAT1 plays an important role in triglyceride synthesis and is a target of interest for the treatment of metabolic disorders. Herein we describe the structure—activity relationship of a novel tetralone series of DGAT1 inhibitors and our strategies for overcoming genotoxic liability of the anilines embedded in the chemical structures, leading to the discovery of a candidate compound, S 6- 5- 3- 3,4-difluorophenyl ureido pyrazinyl oxo 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl -1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalenyl acetic acid GSKA, 26d.

Compound 26d is a potent and selective DGAT1 inhibitor with excellent DMPK profiles and in vivo efficacy in a postprandial lipid excursion model in mice. Based on the overall biological and developability profiles and acceptable safety profiles in the 7-day toxicity studies in rats and dogs, compound 26d was selected as a candidate compound for further development in the treatment of metabolic disorders.

Few methods allow determining the binding site of tightly binding ligands. We show that ligands containing a tert-butyl e.Spurs now find themselves 16 points behind Manchester City for the title and were passed in the table by Burnley (25 points) this week. West Ham on Sunday. Man City have won 12 straight matches, 3 more to break the record.

Speaking of Arsenal and Manchester United, they are featured in the marquee match of the weekend on Saturday afternoon at 12:30 pm ET.

This is great news for draw bettors, especially since the 3-way moneylines are all very close. West Brom have just 1 home win all year, and Crystal Palace are the worst road team in the league this season. At the time of publication, the public action has actually come in on the underdogs in each of the matchups, and I tend to steer away from those trendy underdogs.

I expect Tottenham to bounce back after losing at Leicester last week, while Everton finally put together a solid match overall. TottenhamBiggest Line Moves Everton (-114 to -139) vs. December 1, 2017In SoccerBy Dan McGuire Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Reddit Email Dan McGuire Dan McGuire is the Operations Manager and soccer specialist at Sports Insights.

Related Posts Premier League Week 16 Betting Preview: Derby Sunday, Draws, And A Potential Upset The Manchester derby, Merseyside. The PGA Tour breaks away from its usual format this weekend when the QBE Shootout gets underway at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, Florida. Twenty-four players will tee it up in pairs at the tournament hosted by Greg Norman, with 15 of the top 50 golfers in the world in the field.

Lexi Thompson, the highest-ranked American player on the LPGA Tour, is also in the fold after getting paired up with Tony Finau. Kuchar and English are the defending champions and will be looking for their third win here. The duo finished first in 2013, second in 2014, second in 2015 and first in 2016. Their seven-shot margin of victory in 2013 is the largest in tournament history.

vol 9, no 2 (2018)

Simply put, these are the guys to beat. The QBE Shootout features a scramble format for the first round on Friday, a modified alternate shot format on Saturday and a final-round better ball on Sunday. Unlike the majority of PGA Tour tournaments, the QBE Shootout is only three days.

Tiger Woods Props: How Will He Perform At the Hero World Challenge. Formely known as the Hennesy Gold Cup, this 3m 2f Chase is one of the highlights of the season and we graced by a brilliant performance by Native River twelve months ago.

Read on for our free betting tips, predictions and analysis. Free TipsOur tip will be online shortly. Preview AnalysisThere will be no hiding places with any number of these only knowing one way of running, from the front.

Coneygree, American and Genie In Abottle all hold excellent chances on the formbook, but with others in here who go from the front, this could end up a carve up falling into the lap of something from the back. Total Recall looked like a horse miles ahead of his mark when winning on his debut for Willie Mullins, he will get a perfect tow into the race but is plenty short enough given how competitive a handicap this is. A token choice goes to POTTERS LEGEND who has shaped on a number of occasions as if he is better than his current mark.

He can be smuggled round off the strong pace, with first time blinkers an interesting change from cheekpieces. Struck into himself on his seasonal return so that is easily excused, he is the class act in the race. This contest can be won with topweight, he looks a big price with conditions to suit. Made a pleasing return to action at Kempton over a trip too short. Rated as high as 167 over hurdles in his pomp, there is still some room from this 157 level here.

The ground might not be quite as deep as he would like here and he is surrounded by other front runners. Should have the class from this sort of mark, but the race may not be run to suit. This clearly will have been the long term plan for his this season but a career high mark is going to take plenty of defying.

vol 9, no 2 (2018)

He acts on any ground, giving the impression that the step up in trip is going to suit him.

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