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Novel coronavirus COVID is a new, viral disease that produces symptoms similar to the flu or pneumonia. This begins April 3rd at p. For more information, please visit District 4 Public Health's website here or connect with them on Facebook. For more information, please visit WellStar West Georgia's website here or connect with them on Facebook.

For more information, please visit the Troup County School System's website here or connect with them on Facebook. All non-essential court proceedings have been postponed until after the emergency order has been lifted. For more information, please connect with City of LaGrange via Facebook.

For more information, please visit the Troup County Government's website here or connect with them on Facebook. Signage is required for every business that stays open as well as social distancing of 6 feet. What You Need to Know? What Does this Mean? Want to Know More? These areas remain accessible to the public at West Point Lake, click here. Report Price Gouging Form, click here. Governor's Executive Order, click here. Governor Kemp issues Executive Order mandating all schools in Georgia will remain closed for in-person instruction for remainder of the school year, click here.

Coronavirus Self Checker, click here. Mental health and wellness resources are available: www.

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For more information go to: www. Please be aware when you call for public safety you will be asked a series of questions to provide the safety of our citizens and public safety. Police and Fire will ask citizens to meet the first responder at the front door and the report will be taken outside the residence. If you come to the police department, a report will also be made outside of the LPD building.

E Communications There will be increased screening of incoming medical calls to enhance patient pre-screening. All non-criminal fingerprinting services have been suspended at this time. Fees for bondsmen or property bonds, criminal histories and expungements are being waived. Troup County Fire Normal operations with increased screening and additional steps on patient assessment on medical calls, such as additional personal protection measures to avoid contamination. Services available via phone, email, online and through drop-box services.

Court Services - All Accountability Court programs remain ongoing but court functions are postponed. Juvenile Court - Courts in the circuit remain open for essential matters only.

All pre-trial and post-trial proceedings will be held via telephone and video conferencing. Magistrate Court - Office remains open but only hearing essential matters. Initial or First appearance hearings being held via video conference. Solicitor - All non-essential matters are postponed. Courts only hearing emergency cases. Municipal Court defendants scheduled to appear in court Monday, March 23rd through Tuesday, April 14th will be rescheduled at a later date.T he mission of Troup County Probate Court is to serve the interests of the citizens of this county by performing its unique constitutional duties in a manner that is.

In Georgia, the Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the probate of wills, the administration of estates, the appointment of guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults and minor children, and commitments to involuntary evaluation and treatment for people with mental, drug, or alcohol issues.

The Probate Court also issues both marriage and weapons carry licenses and performs a number of administrative duties which have been assigned to the Court over time. Judge Wade started her career with Troup County in July of Gwen Prescott retired. Read More. Our County Courts Probate Court. Probate Court T he mission of Troup County Probate Court is to serve the interests of the citizens of this county by performing its unique constitutional duties in a manner that is Professional Impartial Compassionate Fiscally Responsible What is Probate Court?

Debbie Wade Probate Court Judge.LaGrange, Ga. He has continued his service with this firm for the past 21 years. He has served as special assistant attorney general for the State of Georgia since Leonard grew up in the Columbus, Ga. Inhe graduated with honors from Auburn University with a political science degree. He was admitted to the Alabama State Bar in Throughout his career, Leonard has handled hundreds of cases in the State and Superior Courts of Troup County, including civil and criminal cases.

He has served as attorney and board member of Communities in Schools of Troup County. His multiple civic activities include membership in the LaGrange Kiwanis Club in which he previously served on the board, service on the board of Accountability Troup, and volunteering with United Way.

He is a member of the class of Leadership Troup. His knowledge allows him the ability to impeccably serve as Troup County State Court judge.

Troup County Superior Court records

With the years of experience he brings to the bench, I feel extremely comfortable giving him my support, as does my husband Roger. He believes in giving people a chance. Wes is a trustworthy man, he loves his family, he loves his community, and he knows the law. He is honest, hardworking, smart, articulate and trustworthy. He gives everybody a chance. And he listens. I would like to see him elected. It would give me even more faith in our local justice system because I know what kind of man he is.

troup county superior court

We were told to be humble and not brag on ourselves. Promoting yourself as a candidate seems contrary to good manners. How do you project confidence and competence and at the same time be humble, not brag and treat people the way you want to be treated? I received encouragement from a number of people I trust and respect, people who have experience in the system and know what it takes to be a good judge.

Troup County State Court DUI/Drug Court Graduation - June 13, 2019

He needs the reputation of honesty with other lawyers, with the court and with the client. These are street level, community courts. While there are a great number of repeat offenders who must be punished, much of what we do is attempt to modify behavior of otherwise good people to make them think twice before making another bad decision.

The NORP you can help, you can change. They may only get in trouble one time and never again. A lot of being a good judge — as with Allen Keeble, Jack Kirby, judges like that — is having people at the end of the day feel like they were heard, regardless of the outcome.


Post to Cancel.The last day for mailing the hard copy will be April 11th. Applications filed after April 1 can receive a partial exemption up to June 1. This statement serves as that notice. In accordance with this law, please be advised that the Troup County appraisal staff may be visiting your property soon.

The purpose of this visit will be either to determine the level of completion of any improvements that may have been made to your property or to verify correctness of the improvements in our records.

The issuance of a building permit will necessitate a visit to your property. Also a visit may be conducted if a property Return is made, an Appeal is filed or there has been a recent sales transaction.

The appraiser will only gather necessary property information and take photographs. A visit may be made by the personal property appraisal staff when a business license is purchased, registration filed for sales tax identification, corporation or trade name. Others reasons for on onsite visit may be non-filing of property return, inconsistencies in reporting, and when a new or existing businesses is not currently on the digest. If the appraiser is not allowed access to your property, estimations will be performed.

If there is any questions about the identity of the appraiser or if there are any questions regarding the visit, do not hesitate to contact the Troup County Property Appraisal Office at Our office is open to the public from AM until PM, Monday through Friday. LaGrange, Ga. Did you know? Troup, an early champion of state sovereignty who clashed with President John Adams over the issue. Atypically, founders named the county in Troup's honor 30 years before his death. LaGrange, the county seat, bears the name of the Marquis de Lafayette's home estate in France.Since its establishment inTroup County has earned a warm reputation as a premier, family-friendly community, as well as a growing destination for commerce.

troup county superior court

Read More Report a Concern Report any road department concerns or hazards. Thank you for visiting our website. We value your opinion! Click here to take our survey! To view previous reports, please visit our Finance department here. The Troup County Board of Commissioners is comprised of one chairman, who is elected in a county-wide election, and four commissioners, who are each elected from a specific district, serving four-year terms.

I am humbled for the opportunity to serve the citizens of Troup County as Commission Chairman. In conjunction with other commissioners, we are working tirelessly to help our community thrive with ensuring positive leadership and development.

Our goal is to give back what this community has provided to us. Thank you for the opportunity and continuous support. I am working diligently to attend to the concerns of my constituents and deliver changes whereas needed.

I pledge to be approachable and open-minded throughout my term as Commissioner. Thank you for your support and trust. I am proud to represent District 3 and serve Troup County residents. It has always been my dream to work for the people of Troup County, and I am working hard to make this a better place to live.

As a conservative businessman and land owner, I am working hard to see that our tax dollars are spent in a conservative way. Thank you for your time and support. It is an honor to represent District 4 and to have served the people of Troup County for five consecutive terms. I strive to make it my mission to help elevate Troup County to the highest possible standards.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. I am grateful to have served the community of Troup County for over forty years as District 5 Commissioner. I am here to help improve the lives of all Troup County citizens, and I am working to implement changes where necessary. Thank you to my community for the many years of support. Prepared for the citizens of Troup County!

Click here to view!The Troup County Court Records Search Georgia links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Troup County public records. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis.

Help others by sharing new links and reporting broken links. Troup County Court Records are public records, documents, files, and transcripts associated with court cases and court dockets available in Troup County, Georgia.

Courts in Troup County maintain records on everything that occurs during the legal process for future reference, including appeals. Court Records are typically maintained by the courts that produce the records.

Learn about Court Records, including: Where to get free Troup County Court Records online What types of Court Records are available How to perform court case lookups and records searches Where to access case information for criminal cases What civil case files are public information.

troup county superior court

Old URL. Check this box if the link is broken, and you do not know a replacement URL. New URL. Email Address.J ury service is a vital function of democracy. While it may require some adjustment to your normal schedule and routine, the Judges of the Superior and State Court hope that any inconvenience will be minimal.

They thank you in advance for your service and participation. We ask that you please dress appropriately for court on the day of your jury service. Your duty as a trial juror is generally for one week or less; however, if you are selected on a jury, your will be required to return until the trial is complete. Grand jurors typically complete their work in two to three days but may be required to serve longer under special circumstances.

troup county superior court

The summons for jury service will indicate the date and time to report. If you have been summoned for jury duty, please park in the public parking deck, which you may enter from Ridley Avenue. After parking in the parking deck, proceed to the plaza entrance and continue to the first floor jury assembly room. Court bailiffs will be there at the registration desk to assist you. This number is used to make special juror announcements when necessary or provide instructions to jurors during their jury service.

Failure to call may cause you to miss important changes in reporting information. Jurors may be deferred postponed to another time to perform jury duty if serving when initially called would be a hardship. If you are a caregiver of a child under the age of six years with no other reasonably available alternative child care, you may complete an affidavit to either be deferred or excused from Jury service.

Troup County Superior Court

Please complete the child care affidavit and return it to the Clerk of Courts. Georgia law allows exemptions from jury service for permanently mentally or physically disabled persons and for persons age 70 or older who do not wish to serve. If you are requesting an exemption from jury service due to a mental or physical disability, please have your doctor complete the medical affidavit and return it to the Clerk of Courts, Troup County Government Center, Ridley Avenue, 1st Floor, LaGrange, GA If you are requesting an exemption because you are age 70 or older, please complete the affidavit for persons age 70 or older and return it to the Clerk of Courts.

We will be happy to assist you with your concerns. Deferrals from Jury Service Jurors may be deferred postponed to another time to perform jury duty if serving when initially called would be a hardship. Exceptions from Jury Service Georgia law allows exemptions from jury service for permanently mentally or physically disabled persons and for persons age 70 or older who do not wish to serve.

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