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Yes, even including locks and rings! Learn more here. For street engine builders, it often comes down to choosing the best affordable product. The big reason that Wiseco can offer a quality forged piston at such a reasonable price is by designing a piston using what engineers call a near-net-shape forging process. Note that this is a forging process, which is superior in strength in every way over a casting or a hypereutectic.

Forged valve pockets can be created because Wiseco has in-house forging capability which allows them to tightly control the valve pocket depth, size and location.

The resulting forged valve pocket has zero negative impact in a running engine versus a machined valve pocket. This reduces the time spend making chips in the CNC machine.

By reducing the machining time, this substantial cost savings is passed along to the builder. This near-net shape approach is carefully planned to fit the most popular applications so you might think that this means there may only be a few pistons to choose from. A fundamental part of the forging process must also account for the piston alloy.

The Pro Tru Street lineup consists of aluminum alloy forgings. This material is designed with the street engine builder in mind, containing a 12 to 13 percent higher silicon content.

This change in the mixture affects the rate at which the piston grows as it achieves its normal operating temperature and improves wear resistance. This creates a piston that can be more tightly fitted to the cylinder walls, which creates a very quiet running piston especially during engine warmup.

There are some aftermarket forged pistons that require 0. This piston slap can be disconcerting as it can and often does sound like a connecting rod hammering on the crankshaft.

Pistons and Engine Compression Ratio - FAQ - Summit Racing Quick Flicks

The Pro Tru Street line is designed with a tighter 0. The Pro Tru Street line also takes advantage of the continual march toward more efficient piston design with regard to ring seal. Each Pro Tru Street line piston kit comes with a complete ring package along with pins and locks. The idea behind a thinner ring package is all about friction.In the overall sense they are correct, and careful attention to the recommended fit will almost always ward off the dreaded evils of excessive friction, piston slap, ring damage, and attending failures.

Think of it as the safety point manufacturers provide to prevent improper fitment and subsequent engine damage. But there is more to it.

speed pro ls pistons

When the engine is running at operating temperature, every point on the piston skirt and the ring land area has a specified clearance designed to ensure proper function of the piston and associated ring pack. In determining the optimum piston-to-wall clearance, designers consider the entire physical and thermal operating environment of the piston by evaluating the following factors and how they inter-relate for each piston design.

Different applications present varying requirements. Many low-speed production engines still use inexpensive cast pistons with very controlled expansion characteristics. They can be fitted very tightly in the bore and last a long time under normal service.

Cast iron and aluminum are the predominant materials from which cylinder casings are manufactured. These materials exert considerable influence on piston-to-wall clearance, primarily due to their thermal expansion characteristics. Cast iron blocks expand less than aluminum blocks with cast iron cylinder liners and are thus more thermally stable. Some blocks incorporate Nikasil-plated aluminum cylinders without liners——these expand even more.

In every case, dimensional changes due to heating must be addressed to arrive at a proper piston clearance. And that includes accounting for the thermal characteristics of the piston material as well.

Bore distortion due to cylinder head fastener clamping load also influences final piston clearance figures. Depending on the engine and the construction of the block, it is also possible for other fasteners to distort the bore. These might include motor mounts, pumps, bracketry and so on.

Cast pistons with an integral expansion strut were commonplace for many years and they still provide very reliable service in low-power, low-rpm situations. Close to a century ago, the addition of 12 percent silicon as an alloying constituent was found to significantly stabilize the expansion of aluminum components, such as pistons. Known as eutectic-aluminum-silicon alloy, it permitted the development of cast, high-silicon pistons with up to 20 percent silicon alloy.

These are known as hypereutectic pistons and their chief advantage is a very low expansion rate. They can be installed with as little as 0. Interestingly, when a modern forged piston with more initial cold clearance reaches operating temperature, the difference in running clearance is less than might be surmised. For example, Wiseco uses and alloys for all its forgings. While the expansion rates are different for each alloy, Wiseco has made pistons from each alloy for the same engine operate successfully at nearly the same running clearance.

The higher-expanding piston may have a larger initial clearance than a piston, but once the engine reaches operating temperature, both pistons will have similar running clearances. The piston profile plays an important role in determining clearance.

Tighter clearances tend to reduce piston slap clatter on cold startup and they provide a more stable fit to promote good ring seal. Pistons with full radius skirts as opposed to barrel shaped profiles are claimed to be capable of a tighter fit.

The reality is such that the full skirt piston, because it has a full radius profile, is measured at the very bottom and has a much greater clearance everywhere but at the measuring point.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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speed pro ls pistons

There was zero, zip, nada info in the piston box, except a confusing note on ignoring the teflon coating when measuring piston diameter. As I recall, the top ring sits a little higher on the K-Bs, so there's less "meat" between the ring and combustion chamber, causing the ring to get hotter. I initially had the same opinion as you - I was convinced otherwise. If you turn up the thread on a search you can read till bedtime.

Manufactured with an exclusive higher-strength FM alloy with The ring end gap always was on the big side of stock specs. And the duroshield coating it says not to even measure the piston. I guess just bore it to oversize specs. It doesn't say it on the paper in the box but on the box it says bore range in 4. This is for a. KB's are the ones with the goofy ring gaps. They dont jive with the numbers Ive mentioned above Now if your introducing a good bit of nitrous or forced induction I always used.

And I think this is still a good number on a forged piston. But the hypereutectics require the big 2nd ring gap. Matter of fact, speed pro was one of the first to start reccomending larger gaps on the second ring. This is info from those guys at speed pro.

When fitting rings to cylinder bores, every. Example: An increase in bore diameter of. Recent testing has proven that a larger second gap increases the top ring's ability to seal combustion. This larger "escape" path prevents inter-ring pressure from building up and lifting the top ring off the piston allowing combustion to get by. Many engine builders have reported lower blow-by and horsepower gains at the upper RPM ranges with wider second ring gaps.

Ok, this is me again not speed pro. Over the last couple years, Ive spoken to a few builders about this kinda stuff. I will admit, Im not a builder in the sense of machine work. I know what works for me and what not as far as putting together a combo that pretty much does a job that Im lookin forbut Id never call myself a builder or say that I can "make things right, or better" if you know what Im sayin Since these new ideas have come about, a few of these guys I speak of have been to the PRI shows and the ATEC conferences and the ring gap ideas have exchanged and changed quite a bit over the last couple years.During checkout, first select your desired piston volume, then select your desired bore size as not all combinations are available from Wiseco.

If you've got questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will gladly answer any questions you have and make suggestions that will meet both your power goals and budget. Option Guide: Which piston set do I need? Option Guide: Do I need a crankshaft and if so which one? While your stock GM 3. The year of your engine will determine whether you need the 24x or 58x reluctor crankshaft.

If you need 24x, consider upgrading to the Billet Reluctor as the rigid one piece design improves accuracy and reliability as opposed to the stamped and riveted OEM part. NOTE: upgrading to the billet reluctor will require the crankshaft to ship to Tick Performance first if it is not already here in stock at our facility. Piston Set required Pick one 3. Add to Wishlist Create Wishlist required. Make wishlist public. Write a Review Your Rating:.

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Summit Racing Introduces Pro LS Forged Pistons

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speed pro ls pistons

Speed Pro Hypereutectic Coated Dome. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon. Falcon Performance. AA Performance. Sealed Power. Guardian Engine Kits. Engine Parts Center. AsaPerformance direct. Auto Accessory Depot. Northern Auto Parts.Check out our exciting and inspiring new products in the range today. New products in Speedmaster now. Looking for the current Speedmaster promos? Look no further! The source for news about Speedmaster. Read press releases, get updates on upcoming events, watch videos and more.

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Promotions Looking for the current Speedmaster promos? Newsroom The source for news about Speedmaster. Experience Excellence Built on a long term consistency of being a specialist in aftermarket automotive parts Speedmaster has become a leader in its field, built on a long term consistency of being a specialist in aftermarket automotive components.

Wiseco Pistons

Learn More.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. If you're looking for pistons with an unbeatable combination of performance and value, then Speed-Pro hypereutectic pistons are for you. These pistons are manufactured from aluminum alloy that contains 16 percent silicon for greater strength and wear resistance.

They're also molded in the latest permanent-mold technology to ensure the precise fit and tight bore clearances that today's top engine builders demand. Hypereutectic pistons are ideal for use in high performance street, bracket, and oval track racing—and will work perfectly with normal ring end gaps.

Choose the model designed for your vehicle and engine application. What is this? Pistons, Hypereutectic, Flat, 4. Bore, Ford, Set of 8. Loading Tomorrow. Pistons, Hypereutectic, Flat, Bore, Ford, Mercury, Set of 8. Bore, 3. Stroke, Chevy, Set of 8. Pistons, Hypereutectic, Flat, 3. Pistons, Hypereutectic, Dish, 3.

Bore, Chevy, Set of 8. Pistons, Hypereutectic, Dome, 4. Piston, Hypereutectic, Flat, 3. Bore, Chevy, 4. Pistons, Hypereutectic, Dish, 4.

Bore, Chevy, Pontiac, Set of 8. Bore, Jeep, L6, Set of 6. Piston, Hypereutectic, Chevy, 4. Low Price Guarantee.

We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required! Speed-Pro Hypereutectic Pistons. Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Search Within Results. Narrow Your Results. Loading, Please Wait I am in the United States.

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